Award-winning beauty services disrupting the spray tanning industry

goGLOW has elevated a 'spray tan service' into a professional skin service, winning numerous nation-wide awards in the making.

goGLOW is made up of a group of highly educated skin experts. We strive to provide a high end and professional experience for our clients. We begin interaction the minute a client books an appointment and continue all the way to post appointment follow up. We believe client education is essential to ensure the best goGLOW experience. Perhaps that’s why we’ve received 5 stars from ALLURE magazine, been named "best spray tan from LA to NYC" and then later awarded with the coveted ALLURE Best of Beauty award. 

Hard work, hustle and a healthy goGLOW!

Our team works tirelessly to deliver the best custom sunless tanning service in the country. Our tans are always performed by a goGLOW trained specialist, never in an automated booth.

Bridal Referral Program

goGLOW brides and grooms get a discount on their trial tan and when they book for their wedding week with 5+ people. Use code 'WEDDING10' to save 10% on bookings of 5+ people for the week of your wedding. Email for specific details and questions.

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Elevate Your Tan, Elevate Your Experience

At goGLOW, we believe in more than just a tan; we believe in an empowering glow that radiates confidence and beauty from within.

With goGLOW, you're choosing more than a tan; you're opting for a custom, skin-loving treatment that's tailored just for you. Our expert technicians are not just skilled artisans; they're your friends in the journey to your best self, ensuring every session is comfortable, direct, and fulfilling.

Our state-of-the-art techniques and solutions are designed to nourish your skin, leaving it feeling healthy and rejuvenated. And because we believe in the joy of the experience, we infuse every moment with a touch of fun, ensuring your goGLOW journey is as delightful as it is transformative.

Join us at goGLOW, where every spray is a step towards a more empowered, confident, and radiant you. Let's not just go for a tan; let's go for a glow that defines your essence and elevates your spirit.

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